About Reis Margos:
This is a small fishing hamlet situated on the coastal road from Candolim to Panjim. The road hugs the coastline and there are tantalising views of the famous Coco beach and the river as it flows into the Arabian Sea. The Governors Mansion is on the headland opposite and upriver is the capital city, Panjim. This is a rural area, commercially undeveloped and still relatively unknown to most tourists. Early morning you can watch the dolphins playing as they feed and see fishermen casting their nets into the sea. There is a narrow beach from which you can swim and Coco Beach is a short drive or you can walk along the beach to it at low tide. Reis Margos has two claims to fame, the Portuguese Fort that was built here, as additional support to Fort Aguada, to protect the mouth of the river Mandovi from enemy attack, and the Church, built in 1555, of the "Three wise Men" after which the village is named. The village is ideally situated half way between the beaches and restaurants of Candolim and the shops and nightlife of Panjim. Two hotels have recently opened in the area both offering a choice of restaurants and evening entertainment . There is no bus service to the village but taxis are available at both Hotels. There are one or two small stores and a telephone/Fax/ Internet shop.