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Getting To Goa

Our accommodation is not linked to any particular mode of transport so you have the independence of choosing how, when and where you arrive in Goa - and there are many ways to arrive!

Charter flights to Goa

There are direct holiday charter flights from the UK (Manchester, Gatwick and Birmingham), Scandinavia, Holland, Germany and Russia. These flights are operated by a number of European airlines.

From the UK many airlines now use wide-bodied planes which fly non-stop to Goa. The flight time is 9 hrs. Occasionally an airline may use a smaller plane and will make a short refuelling stop of about 1.5 hrs in Bahrain which gives you just enough time to stock up in one of the cheapest duty free shops in the world.

The cost is approximately from £450 excluding the Christmas and New Year period.

We will be pleased to offer advice on how to book charter flights if you are travelling from the UK.

Scheduled flights

There are no direct scheduled flights into Goa. There are however many flights arriving daily into Mumbai and Delhi from most international airports in the world. Goa is only 1 hour from Mumbai and 3 hours from Delhi.

Four airlines (Jet Airways, Virgin Atlantic, British Midland and Air India) fly direct from the UK to Mumbai and these have special onward connections to Goa via domestic flights. This makes the journey hassle free as baggage is checked straight through from the UK to Goa and passengers are transferred between the International and the Domestic Airports. All airlines offer an inclusive UK- Goa price.

For example:-

Jet Airways has daily flights:

From To Departs Arrives
Heathrow Mumbai 21:25 10:50 (Next Day)
Mumbai Goa 14:35 15:35
Goa Mumbai 08:10 09:10
Mumbai Heathrow 13:20 18:30 (Same Day)

Fares From : £590 ( inclusive of all taxes, fuel supplements and security charges)

If you have not thought about using a scheduled flight before it may be worth considering the advantages:

  • Flexibility - there are daily flights so that you can plan a holiday of any length
  • Long stays in Goa are a possibility. Tickets can be valid for up to one year whereas Charter flight returns must take place within 6 weeks of the outward journey.
  • Choice of home airport – you can fly from many regional airports and either fly direct to India or link up with a schedule flight
  • Multi-centre holidays are an option as you can arrive or depart from different airports.
  • Comfort - levels are higher
  • Baggage allowances are greater
  • Fares are competitively priced
  • You may be able to use your “airmiles” or gain extra points on a frequent flyer scheme.

Internal Flights

Air-travel is now very easy as there has recently been a growth in the number of private airlines operating within India. There are 4 or 5 domestic carriers operating daily flights with as many as 6 flights a day from Mumbai. These airlines offer very competitive rates, for example Mumbai to Goa on “Kingfisher Airlines ” (Airbus) is £70 return

We will be pleased to offer advice on how to book schedule and Internal flights if you are travelling from the UK.


The Konkan railway runs the length of the west coast from Mumbai to Trivandrum. It connects Goa to the rest of the Indian railway network and has slashed journey times and opened up parts of the countryside that you would never have previously seen. Mumbai to Goa is now 12 hours and Goa to Delhi is 22 hours by fast express trains. However, these timings can be optimistic and you should plan for delays. Discounted railway passes can be bought in advance which guarantee seat reservations or you could make your journey to Goa part of a longer railway tour of India.


Every town and city in India is connected by bus and "luxury "coach. Journey times are often long and, for those who have not driven on Indian roads before, can be quite an experience. However, ticket prices are low, you have a chance to see real India and meet the people and every trip will be different. Tickets can be bought from Travel Agents located around the bus stations.