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so now what do we do……….
05 Mar 2015   |  Category: About Lazydays in Goa

It had been a year of back breaking searching for that “des res” in the sun and all to no avail.

Linda was heading reluctantly back to the UK and I was staying on in Goa with no clue of what to do now. Goa had worked its magic as we kn....

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foreigners can cook??????

09 Mar 2015   |  Category: About Lazydays in Goa

By the mid 90’s Goa had been welcoming tourists for quite a number of years. First came the hippies and then the 2 week charter brigade. When we floated the idea that maybe some holiday makers might like to stay in houses (villas) it raised a number of quizzical eyebrows. One of the main concerns was wh....

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and so the makeover begins.....

12 Mar 2015   |  Category: About Lazydays in Goa

The biggest challenge I faced during the first couple of months was spending money. I was used to department stores with tempting irresistible displays of every imaginable household item, large out-of-town superstores with rows upon rows of decorative items. Mapusa, our local market town and nearest shopping ....

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there are a lot of firsts…..

28 Mar 2015   |  Category: About Lazydays in Goa

The summer of 1995 proved to be a hard one for me and Linda. We now had three villas in our care, all poshed up and ready to go and absolutely no bookings. From the sunny climes of Goa one minute we find ourselves in the North facing dining room of my parents place in sheepskin sli....

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How NOT to make a promotional video

31 Mar 2015   |  Category: About Lazydays in Goa

How not to make a promotional video - French and Saunders eat your heart out.

Debbie Summerfield was now running our sales office. She was the third member of our group on our first Goa holiday in 1992 but with a newborn....

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Our first telephone line

08 Apr 2015   |  Category: About Lazydays in Goa

Obtaining a telephone was probably one of the most difficult things we attempted in the beginning.

A telephone connection was a very prestigious status symbol and very valuable. The application process was not only tedi....

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Make the trip when Goa is at its most beautiful — during the monsoons.

11 Aug 2016   |  Category: Monsoon Goa

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How to lobby a Goan Minister
23 Apr 2015   |  Category: About Lazydays in Goa

As new kids on the block and foreign females to boot we were acutely aware of doing everything by the book. The only problem: there was no book.

We have the dubious honour of not only being the first villa rental holiday company in Goa but the fir....

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Monsoon Goa
About Lazydays in Goa

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